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The College of Advanced Chinese Training develops diversified Mandarin Chinese training courses for students from Hong Kong and Macao and the overseas students with their different Mandarin Chinese levels. We provide our students with 4-week, 5-week and 12-week short-term courses, one-term courses and intensive courses for students who tend to participate the National Proficiency Test of Mandarin Chinese (PSC).

We are aiming to improve our students’ knowledge of Mandarin Chinese phonetics (initials, finals, tones, neutral tone, sandhi and retroflexion) in a short term through the intensive training on listening and speaking and the comparison between Mandarin and Cantonese. We hope that the students can easily master Mandarin Chinese vocabulary and grammar rules through our training on reading and writing.

The students will be granted the Certificates after they finish the courses and pass all the exams. We would also like to arrange The Mandarin Chinese Proficiency Test for the students if they need. Provided they pass the test, they will obtain The Certificate of Mandarin Chinese Proficiency issued bythe National Language Affairs Commission.

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